Ajay Lakhera, Solo Show

"Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

- Chief Seattle

I want to get an entire life on canvas while conveying a sense of how memories feel, how unstoppable these are and how we don't know what is going on because as we are trying to weave, these are weaving us.

My work essentially incorporates narrative structures, taking inspiration from the seemingly insignificant life events. These events, however, in their own way make larger impacts than evident.

In my working process I try to incorporate the characteristics and implications specifically related to fragmentation and raptures that evolve as life proceeds, out of people, memories, stories and instances of past experiences.

These raptures are especially those with the family; for, 'once the fabric of a family is undone, it takes generations to weave it back together.'

I was always a picture maker, but the same now is therapeutic; almost as a subconscious attempt to mend what fails to be confronted.

"One breaks a thread in the loom and you will see the effects when the weaving of life time is unraveled."

Applying both abstraction and figuration in a coherent union, I intent to have the audience pause, stare, wonder and feel my art rather than simply look and walk.

I start my works with figuration, however, in the process they end up abstract as I weave two canvases together.

My canvases inspire fascination through their textures and drawings that the viewer finds after a closer look into the works.

The most striking characteristics, in the works are the camouflages and the 'weaved canvas' technique. It is however, more than just a technique; it is to me a metaphorical representation of life and relations itself.

It is how two individual paintings as beings without losing their own character merge to form a third entirely new story. The same two could also un-weave and camouflage to form an entire different amalgamation with other paintings - each two form a unique outcome while maintain its original rendering. With the untraditional, re-conceptualized use of weaving and canvas, I aim for a single work of art to push the limitations of a flat painting and mark making.

While doing so, I try to balance process and visual outcome, thus maintaining control and yet letting the process do its charm. For after all, I am not weaving merely material - I weave images - I weave stories.