Open Studio

Blueprint Studio was established in 2013 to provide artists with a studio space in the heart of Vadodara, Gujarat. Historically, Vadodara has had a culture of shared studio spaces, and till date the younger and emerging artists prefer to work collaboratively, often using the space to voice common political and social concerns or engage in educational and outreach programs like video screenings or talks that benefit not only the resident artists but the local artist's community. Studios tend to melting pots where artists from different backgrounds and also different gallery representation work cohesively and at the same time provide collectors, gallerists and art enthusiasts to engage with multiple styles under one roof. In the last two years, Blueprint Studio has worked with ten artists and also provided curatorial inputs, wherever necessary. Soon, the studio will invite a young curator-in residence to assist the resident artists in their practice.

Blueprint Studio has had the pleasure to work with:

Prabhakar Alok, Malabika Barman, Subrat Kumar Behara, Riya Chatterjee, Varun Cursetji, Debashree Das, Maripelly Praveen Goud, Sathyanand Mohan, Jeetander Ojha and T. Venkanna